A briefcase for only the most important business.

Inside this custom-made wooden briefcase is a fully functioning 1-4 player arcade machine. It features two sets of full 8-button arcade controls on the case itself and two external USB ports on the front for additional peripherals or controllers to be added for up to 4 players. The joystick ball tops are removed upon closing the lid and relocated to the top of the case to function as a surprisingly ergonomic carry handle. Rock up to your next company meeting actually ready to handle business for once.

~$2000 (not including shipping)

How do I get this number?

The biggest investment is time. I'd estimate around 70 hours of work for the build and I charge $20/hr for my time. This can change depending on what customizations and aesthetic changes you want.

I only make a profit on my labor. I don't upcharge any materials or parts and source them from the fairest places possible. I estimate parts and materials to be around $350-400. This can also fluctuate, for instance if you want competitive grade arcade sticks and buttons. I can do that.

My time: ~80 hours at $20 per hour = $1600

Parts: ~$350-400

Total= ~$2000

* No games are sold with this machine. It comes pre-installed with RetroPie and configured controls, but you will be responsible for loading any and all legally owned ROMs via USB.

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